#Kababayan4Change is a wide-reaching platform that seeks concrete, decisive actions towards comprehensive reforms during the first 100 days of the Duterte Government. The platform calls for implementation of a national industrialization program and genuine land reform to end the current and unsustainable import-dependent and export-oriented economy of the Philippines. Having homegrown business owned and operated in the Philippines creates more job opportunity and reverses the trend of Filipinos having to leave the comfort and safety of the homeland for better economic prospects.

Through #Kababayan4Change, overseas Filipinos are joining with progressive organizations, sectoral groups, indigenous peoples and the struggling majority in demanding an economic transformation that makes it unnecessary for Filipinos to seek work abroad to survive. The movement calls on us to collectively and completely address the socio-economic roots of armed conflicts, social injustices and forced migrations for a just and lasting peace in the homeland.


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