1895 – Katipunan
1896 – Philippine Revolution
1964 – Kabataang Makabayan
1997 – Mag-aaral at Kabataan Para sa Bayan (Makabayan) & Jersey Youth
1998 – Anakbayan Philippines
2002 – First Anakbayan chapter in the US
2012 – Anakbayan New Jersey and Anakbayan New York
May 2012 – Anakbayan USA Founding Assembly

Present 2017 – Why is there an armed revolution going on in the Philippines?

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Established on the 30th of November 1998–the anniversary of Andres’ Bonifacio and pre-Martial Law organization, Kabataang Makabayan–it seeks to unite the youths from different sectors of society to advance the cause of national democracy: workers, peasants, fisherfolk, urban poor, students, out-of-school youth, women, professionals, migrants, Moros, Christians, etc.

Anakbayan holds the belief that Philippine society today is not truly free nor democratic. It is under the control of U.S imperialism, along with local landlords, big capitalists, and corrupt gov’t officials. The National Democratic Struggle seeks to realize true national liberation for the country and the realization of the democratic rights of the people.


Marcos Dictatorship

  • Borrowed a lot from foreign and domestic sources to finance his “development program”
  • Declares martial law in 1972
  • Labor Export Program – turned Filipino labor into a commodity
  • Prevent social unrest and kept Marcos in power
  • Band-aid over the unemployment problem
  • Raises foreign exchange earnings needed for debt payment to cover deficits
  • Thousands of Filipinos recruited to the Middle East to become laborers
  • Recruitment of domestic workers to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe
  • “Welfare Fund” for workers in 1977 – SHAM/Takes funds from salaries of the workerS
  • 1982 Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) supervises the systematic export of Filipinos
  • Executive Order 857 – mandatory sending of remittances through banks owned by dictator (So many protests it had to be withdrawn)
  • Resurgence of National Democratic Movement in Philippines: Activists of the Kabataang Makabayan and National Democratic Movement escaped the rising fascism in the Philippines, forming organizations that established chapters throughout many cities. When Marcos imposed martial law, they succeeded in generating hige protest actions.
  • June 1975: Filipino activists went to the Asia-Pacific to mobilize support for the ND Movement, but not enough time was spent on organizing overseas compatriots who were leaving for Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.


  • Struggle for rights and welfare of overseas compatriots
  • Struggle of the Filipino people for national freedom and democracy
  • Integrate with overseas compatriots, families, and returned migrants in the country and work towards identifying how these issues connect
  • Provide education, as well as documentation materials, to overseas compatriots to connect our struggles
  • Set up service institutions that attend to their needs and problems especially victims of abuse and their families and seek the assistance of international organizations that promote and protect the rights and welfare of migrant workers and their families
  • Strengthen Migrante International for issues of overseas compatriots and coordinate with other member organizations
  • Form alliances with other Filipino organizations overseas in the pursuit of common objectives and in support of the Filipino people’s struggle for national freedom and democracy
  • Coordinate with progressive immigrant and migrant organizations, as well as with progressive individuals, to promote the rights of migrants against racism, neo-fascism, discrimination and for equality of opportunity and treatment